One dead after car flips and crashes into billboard

One man is dead after his car reportedly spun out of control, flipped several times and crashed into a billboard along the Uriah Butler Highway near the Caroni overpass. 

The victim has been identified Dexter Pollard, 50, of Oropune Gardens. 

Police officers told Guardian Media’s Otto Carrington they believe the accident occurred at approximately 11 pm on Thursday. 

However, officers who were patrolling the highway only discovered the vehicle at 6:30 am on Friday.

Nearby business owners say they were shocked to see the vehicle lodged in the billboard this morning. 

Fire services have made several attempts to remove the vehicle. 

The accident has caused major traffic delays, especially for those traveling northbound. 

Some commuters report spending more than three hours in traffic, despite all three lanes being open. An autopsy will be conducted to determine if Pollard suffered a medical emergency while he was behind the wheel. 

by Khamal Georges

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