Opposition Leader calls for PM's resignation in aftermath of Emailgate probe

Opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley following the outcome of the police probe into allegations brought by Dr. Keith Rowley in 2013 proves that he is unfit to lead Trinidad and Tobago.  

The Opposition Leader issued the following statement today:

"Since these allegations were first made in the Parliament, I have remained firm in my view that the emails are fake, and this was a deliberate attempt by then-Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley to mislead the Parliament and the people of this country.

Now, four years later, yet another investigation has found nothing of substance in Rowley’s spurious allegations. 

His actions have now been proven to be nothing more than attempts to malign me during my term as Prime Minister, as well as members of the then People’s Partnership administration.

Immediately after the claims were first made, as Prime Minister, I referred the matter to the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Integrity Commission.  Rowley claimed he had the information for six months, but he did not take it to the police so that an investigation could be launched. 

I wish to remind the public that in June 2013, a month after the allegations were brought to the Parliament, US forensic computer scientist, Jon Berryhill concluded that the alleged emails were “of a fraudulent nature.”   

In August 2014, Google Inc, through a certified affidavit, indicated that the emails did not exist. 

Further, in 2015, while I was Prime Minister, the Integrity Commission cleared me and the Parliament of any impropriety with respect to Rowley’s fake email allegations.

These reckless allegations, which have now been shown to have “nothing of substance” according to the police, are yet another example that Dr. Keith Rowley cannot be trusted.

This is a serious matter, and the person who is now holding the office of Prime Minister, who deliberately misled the Parliament and attempted to impugn members of the Government which I led –Dr. Keith Rowley - must be held accountable. 

I call on the DPP to take action in this matter.

Time and again, Rowley has shown that he is not fit for the office which he holds. 

It is now imperative that he resigns, and call an election now so that the people of Trinidad and Tobago can elect a team that can return good governance to our country."