OSHA launches investigation into fatal explosion

The Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) has launched an investigation into Tuesday's truck explosion which claimed the life of Phillip Ramlochan. 

The revelation was made by Minister of Labour Jennifer Baptiste Primus in the Senate on Thursday.

She said the investigation was initiated on Tuesday June 4th.

Baptiste-Primus informed the Senate that this was in keeping with their mandate laid out by the OSH Act to investigate workplace injuries and fatalities. 

The minister was not in a position to state the timeframe in which the investigation would be completed.

However, she gave the assurance that "this investigation would be conducted with the highest priority".

Primus was responding to a question posed by Opposition Senator, Wade Mark.

It is reported that on Tuesday, Ramlochan was repairing a hose at the back of a truck when it exploded, throwing him six meters away.

He slammed into a railing and is believed to have broken his neck.

Drigpaul Sookoo, 52, was about two feet away from Ramlochan and was also tossed against the railing.

 - Rishard Khan


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