Over 60 spent shells recovered from Chinese double-murder scene

Still no arrests in the murder of two Chinese nationals.

CNC3 News understands that police have recovered over 60 spent shells from the murder scene iMarabellala.

The victims, identified as 32-year-old Shirui Zao and 29-year-old Yanli Gu.

They were shot and killed in front of a bar at the corner of New Haven and John streets, Marabella late yesterday evening.

The male victim reportedly operates a small casino and liquor mart along the Tarouba Road.

Investigators believe Sao was being followed and when his vehicle came to a halt to allow the woman who worked at the casino to get out of the car, they were ambushed.

Police say the gunman walked up to the driver's side and began firing shots, the gunman then walked closer and fired a second round of bullets.

Over sixty spent shells were recovered at the scene.

It is believed the gunman escaped in a waiting B-12 motor vehicle.

Investigators suspect that two fully automatic firearms were used.

It is being described as a hit.


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