Padarath accuses Hinds of land encroachment

Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds yesterday threatened to take Opposition MP Barry Padarath to the Privileges Committee for accusing him of encroaching on his neighbour’s land.

The incident took place while Padarath, who is MP for Princes Town, was delivering his contribution on the Land Adjudication Bill in Parliament.

Responding to Hinds’ contribution, Padarath said Hinds gave “us a typical song and dance. And it appears that the Honourable Member has also fallen victim to his own stubbornness.”

Padarath said earlier in the House, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, in explaining the clauses of the bill, said members were told of people who encroached on land.

“Mr Deputy Speaker, the member for Laventille West, I believe it is well-known and publicised is one of those who has a case in the public domain for encroaching on his neighbour’s land.”

Padarath did not indicate the location of the land.

The House immediately erupted into an uproar with Hinds citing Standing Order 48.6, stating that “no such thing has taken place.”

“The member should be taken to the Privileges Committee. I have no matter before the court. Twisted as usual!” he said.

Deputy Speaker Esmond Forde urged Padarath, “Again, be careful of the road that you are going down,” and to tie in his points with the bill.

Al-Rawi rose from his seat and pointed out Standing Order 48.6, stating that Padarath was “imputing improper motives” as he called on Forde to have a ruling on the matter.

Forde reminded Padarath that he either “take ownership or withdraw” his statement.

Padarath eventually backed down, opting to withdraw what he said, but corrected Hinds on an issue he raised regarding the granting of lands by the former People’s Partnership government to Super Industrial Services (SIS).

He said the facts surrounding lands granted to SIS were in the Hansard.

“It is well known that the EMBDC had indicated in March 10, 2015 that SIS was not squatting on 35 acres of land and indeed they were paying rent for those 35 acres,” Padarath said.

Source: (Shaliza Hassanali)

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