PCA and PSB probing Paryag shooting

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has confirmed that it has initiated its own probe into the matters surrounding the fatal shooting of Keone Paryag, on Friday night.

On Friday at about 6 p.m., police were called in to the Biljah Road, Chaguanas, apartment of Danah Alleyne, the sister of Crime Watch host, Ian Alleyne.

Reports are that she had been cornered in her apartment by her boyfriend, 34-year-old Keone Paryag, and was fearful for her life.

When police arrived on the scene, they managed to convince Paryag to come outside. However, he was armed and refused to surrender his weapon.

Police reportedly fired several shots, hitting him in his foot. Paryag was rushed to the Central Medical Centre for treatment, but died a few hours later.

The PCA says their investigators report will be used to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support a recommendation for prosecution, or disciplinary proceedings or closure.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith commends his officers for getting the victim out safely, but admits operations could have been executed much smoother on Friday evening, in the police involved shooting that led to the death of Keone Paryag.

“The first action should be to immediately cordon off the area, ensuring that all civilians—whether media or family members—are removed from an area that can be deemed a ‘kill zone’. That did not take place, so there were one or two short comings.”

He adds: “I must continue to insist on the use of body cameras for officers. They should have been used. And police officers should have ensured that no family member would have been in the kill zone. It’s also important that any family member on the scene be that of the person of interest, not the victim, in order to help with any negotiations.”

Commissioner Griffith maintains that police must be able to defend themselves, in order to protect any innocents caught up on the scene of a potential hostage situation. He says it is all part of standard operating procedure.

The top cop confirmed the TTPS’s Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) also are investigating the exact circumstances that led to the fatal shooting.

“Each and every case must be investigated, whether by the Professional Standards Bureau—which is an arm of the T&T Police Service—or the Police Complaints Authority,” he asserts.

The Commissioner told us he has sent on information—which he received personally concerning the case—to both the PSB and the PCA. He says that should help clear the air on exactly what happened last Friday, during the police-involved shooting incident.


Story by NEWS DESK

Image caption: PCA Director David West

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