PCA begins investigation into leaked police warrant

After a complaint by Opposition MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal, the Police Complaints Authority has begun an investigation into the leak of a search warrant bearing his name.

Through his attorney Israel Khan, Dr Moonilal wrote to the PCA last week questioning how high office holders came in to possession of the document, saying there was collusion to assassinate his character.

In a letter to Dr Moonilal, Director David West says the authority has carefully perused all documents provided and agrees that the complaint falls within the remit of the PCA.

He says the matter is receiving the authority's attention and it will get back to him in due course.

Dr Moonilal took particular issue with Minister Camille Robinson-Regis reading from the document in the Parliament.

The search warrant in question links Dr Moonilal to an ongoing investigation into the award of multi-million dollar contracts at the EMBD.

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