PEP protests outside the Red House

Friday, January 24, 2020 - 13:15

On the first day of the reopening of Parliament at the Red House, members of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) gathered outside the Red House to deliver a letter to the Prime Minister.

In the letter, the political party requested an enquiry into the activities of UDECOTT and an audit of the terms of the contracts awarded to the Corporation for the renovation of the President’s House, the President’s Cottage, the Red House and White Hall.

Dressed in orange the members started by singing the National Anthem.  They also conducted their walk gagged and silent.

In a press release issued prior to today’s protest, PEP said that was “to symbolize the heavy hand of a state agency that tried to silence public enquiries rather than respond respectfully to them”.

Speaking with the media today, PEP representatives stated:

“We are calling for UDECOTT to be shut down! We want an audit on this project, on the $17 million spent on a cottage!”