Persad-Bissessar: 'PM has run away from the country during crisis'

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is accusing Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of "running away" from the country while she says it is in crisis.

The PNM was elected into office on this day two years ago.

Dr Rowley is out of the country today, having left on Friday for California on a medical trip.

The Opposition Leader issued the following statement on Thursday.

"Two years ago, Dr Rowley convinced Trinidad and Tobago that he could lead our country.

I warned the country that he had no plan and no ideas.

As a former Prime Minister myself, I can tell the nation that the job does not allow you to just fly off without serious consideration as to what is happening in the country at any given time. 

And Dr Rowley would be very aware of the questions he would face from the media, pollsters and the society on his second anniversary in government.

Well the polls are out, the media are asking questions and the society is speaking out - and as planned, he is absent.

The Prime Minister has run away. 

It was clear to us in the UNC, as it was clear to many of the high ranking members of his own party, two years ago, that the man lacked the compassion, the leadership skills and the vision to move the country forward.

Two years later, 75 per cent of the nation thinks the government has failed because of runaway crime.

Two years later, 83 per cent of the country knows that Dr Rowley has chosen to put citizens on the bread line, by cutting jobs instead of diversifying the economy.

Two years later, our young people are unable to access education because Dr Rowley is closing the GATE.

Two years later, the cost of living in Trinidad and Tobago has gone up because Dr Rowley added 12.5% vat to thousands of food items, increased gas prices three times in two years and raised many other taxes. 

Two years later, Dr Rowley has taken the country in the wrong direction, because of his own incompetence as a leader.

And on top of all this the Prime Minister has run away whilst the nation is in crisis."