Petrotrin reviews security at its operations following suicide in oil tank

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 06:45

Petrotrin says it has commenced a review of security arrangements across its operations following the incident that occurred at the Company’s Point Ligoure Tank Farm in Point Fortin over the weekend where its operations were compromised by a trespasser.

A statement from Petrotrin has listed the following series of security measures currently in place at the Tank Farm:

* A 12-foot security fence (wirewall panels) with razor wire at the top for added security

* Signage indicating that the facility is for Authorized Personnel Only

* A solid brick wall at the northern side of the Public Cemetery in addition to the Tank Farm’s wirewall panels

* Routine surveillance and patrol by Security Officers

* A review of these security measures is presently underway.

Petrotrin said its officials have sighted the body of the man believed to have committed suicide by drowning himself in the tank on Saturday.

They're expected to finish draining the tank today.