Petrotrin workers down tools, shut down oil company from tonight

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 14:15

Petrotrin workers have taken a decision to down tool this evening, effectively shutting down the State-owned oil company.

A statement from the Oilfield Workers Trade Union which represents the workers, says Petrotrin workers "have angrily expressed their disgust with Petrotrin's non-response to the security crisis at the various plants".

The statement says that long before the death of Curtis Pierre in one of Petrotrin's oil tanks, the OWTU had been meeting with Petrotrin management calling for a return of adequate security to the various plants. 

The union says that following a lengthy meeting with oil workers and union members Wednesday afternoon, Petrotrin workers have decided to shut-down the company to highlight the severity of the crisis and to compel the state-owned oil company to act responsibly. 

It says workers will down tools from this evening (Wednesday) and will gather tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 am at the Pointe-a-Pierre roundabout for a public protest.

The statement says they will be joined by OWTU President General Ancel Roget and other OWTU Executive Officers. 

The photo used in this story is a file photo of a different OWTU protest.