Petrotrin working with Ministry to assess oil spill's impact on Venezuela

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 14:30

Petrotrin says clean-up, recovery and remediation activities continue, following the oil spill which occurred on Sunday, 2017 April 23 at the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery.

A statement by the company says ongoing monitoring remains in place. 

"The Company takes this opportunity to remind our stakeholders that our Oiled Wildlife Management Plan remains in effect. As we continue our search and rescue efforts, interested persons can continue to contact our 24- hour emergency response hotline - 658-SAFE (7233)," the Petrotrin statement said.

It adds that Petrotrin is at this time working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries to assess the situation in neighbouring Venezuela with a view to providing assistance should it become necessary.

"We reiterate our appreciation for the all-round support extended from stakeholders as we continue to collaborate in an effort to resolve this situation," Petrotrin said. 

"We remain committed to keep providing updates until conclusion of this exercise. "