Piparo mud volcano acts up, homes, roads damaged

Piparo residents are on standby to evacuate their homes after what some residents say was an eruption at the mud volcano late Saturday. 

Residents posted to Facebook that the eruption took place at approximately 10:08pm.

However, in a post to his Facebook page, Princes Town MP Barry Padarath said "I can confirm that the Volcano did not erupt and no one is being evacuated up to 11:35 pm tonight."

There are reports of major cracks to the roadway and to homes near Pancho Trace.

Officials of the Princes Town Regional Corporation are on their way to the community to get a better understanding of what took place. 

Nasiya Mohammed posted to Facebook that her cousin recalled hearing a loud explosion. She explained that her tank stand and back wall moved during the eruption, causing cracks to the structure.

The first news of the eruption came via a Facebook post by the Piparo Village council.

It is still uncertain exactly what took place, but Padarath said residents complained to him of a high sulphur scent in the air.

"The relevant authorities have been engaged to conduct a test and provide assistance to the residents. More information will be forthcoming," he added. 

This is a developing story.

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