PLIPDECO responds to rumours about dead bodies on vessel

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 11:45

The  Point  Lisas  Industrial  Port  Development  Corporation  (PLIPDECO) has responded to rumours of three dead, Chinese crew members on-board a ship docked at the Port of Point Lisas, describing them as untrue.

The rumours have been circulating via a viral WhatsApp message.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), also has issued a statement, debunking the claims.

In an official statement, PLIPDECO reports on the various measures it has undertaken since the spread of the coronavirus nCoV-2019.

Below is the full text of the statement issued by PLIPDECO…

The  Point  Lisas  Industrial  Port  Development  Corporation  (PLIPDECO)  is  aware  of  a  story circulating via social media that dead bodies were removed from a vessel docked at Point Lisas. We wish to state categorically that there is no truth to this story.

We are well aware that there may be heightened concerns among many citizens due to the Coronavirus. The Management of the Company is closely monitoring vessels that call at  the  Port  and  in  conjunction  with  Immigration,  Port  Health  and  the  Maritime  Services Division  had  already activated standard protocols  once news broke of the spread of the virus.  As  a  result  should  any  situation  arise,  where  it  is  determined  that  a  vessel  or crewmembers  on  board may constitute a risk,  the appropriate  measures will be activated accordingly.   We  wish  to  advise  that  no  such  situation  exists  or  has  existed  since  the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

It must be further noted that the particular vessel in question , the MTM Shanghai  has not been to China within the last year nor are any of the crewmembers of Chinese nationality.

We  wish  to  assure  the  Public  and  all  stakeholders  that  the  Corporation  will  continue  to coordinate  with  the  various  authorities  and  monitor  all  vessel  calls  according  to  the established protocols.  The health and wellbeing of all citizens is of utmost importance to us and we will continue to do what is required to ensure this objective is achieved.




Story by NEWS DESK