PM’s Lawyer: “I am the Quamina in the Smith Report…”

The prime minister’s attorney, Michael Quamina, has confirmed that he is the Quamina mentioned in the Darryl Smith Report.

Speaking on THE MORNING BREW today, Mr Quamina told us that he was brought in to the case at the point in time when it appeared the conciliation proceedings for a wrongful dismissal matter, which were taking place at the labour ministry, were not going to bear fruit.

According to Mr Quamina, he met with the union, and also took instructions from the minister and ministry, with regard to why the allegations were being made in relation to the question of the dismissal. He said based on those instructions, he engaged in a negotiation process, and satisfactorily negotiated the matter.

“I don’t want to diminish the importance or seriousness of a sexual harassment allegation,” he says. “I want to make it clear that at the time I was brought into the matter, it was a pure dismissal matter—a pure wrongful dismissal matter. But whether it is a wrongful dismissal matter or a sexual harassment matter,” Michael Quamina points out, “what was reported to the ministry was a dismissal.”

He adds: “Whatever situation it is, a lawyer becomes involved, and a lawyer is going to negotiate the matter. He’s either going to fight it,” he explains, “defend it, or negotiate it. That is the role of a lawyer. So there’s no real excitement involved in that situation. That is the role of a lawyer, and I am a lawyer.”

With regard to the question of whether there is a conflict of interest with his acting in this case, while heading up state boards, Mr Quamina maintains that there is none, and there is no relationship between the two.


Story by NEWS DESK

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