PM: All budgets are sweetheart budgets

Prime Min­is­ter Dr Kei­th Row­ley has down­played the Op­po­si­tion’s ex­pec­ta­tion of the “sweet­en­er bud­get” say­ing that all bud­gets in T&T are sweet­hearts.

In a re­sponse to the Op­po­si­tion’s ex­pec­ta­tion that the Gov­ern­ment would bring out “bud­get good­ies” in pos­si­bly the last year be­fore the 2020 gen­er­al elec­tions, Row­ley said that this year’s fis­cal pack­age will be no dif­fer­ent to the oth­ers.

“The bud­get­ing process in Trinidad & To­ba­go is an an­nu­al ex­er­cise and this one will be no dif­fer­ent.

All bud­gets in Trinidad & To­ba­go are sweet­heart bud­gets be­cause the na­tion­al bud­get in Trinidad & To­ba­go is one where the State does a lot for the peo­ple of the ter­ri­to­ry.

So all bud­gets in Trinidad & To­ba­go are sweet­heart bud­gets,” Row­ley said.

In the Par­lia­ment on Mon­day, Fi­nance Min­is­ter Colm Im­bert an­nounced that he will present the 2020 na­tion­al bud­get on Oc­to­ber 7.

With the lo­cal gov­ern­ment elec­tions ex­pect­ed be­fore the year-end, Op­po­si­tion MPs Gan­ga Singh and Prakash Ra­mad­har said they ex­pect the Gov­ern­ment to present a bud­get aimed at help­ing them at the polls.

Dur­ing the UNC’s Mon­day night fo­rum, Op­po­si­tion Leader Kam­la Per­sad-Bisses­sar told sup­port­ers to look out for a “con­dense milk” bud­get.

Reporter: Kevon Felmine

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