PM calls Devant a 'dangerous liar," says he has no new number

In the latest' phone wars' twist, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has called former Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj a 'dangerous liar.' 

After releasing the PM's personal number, Dr Rowley indicated he would have to disconnect his number because of threatening messages he had received.

But in a post to his Facebook page today, Dr Rowley asked, "Did Devant give you my new number?" 

He continued, "No. Because he is a liar. There is no new number for him to share because I have not yet operationalised a new number therefore no Cabinet Minister has any new number to give him."

Soon after the Prime minister indicated his intention to change the number, Maharaj claimed he received Dr Rowley's new number from a cabinet member. 

"He is a dangerous liar," Dr Rowley wrote. 

"I am reluctant to change my number so I have been monitoring it to see the public's response to his malicious incitement," said Dr Rowley.

Maharaj has also released the numbers of National Security Minister Stuart Young and Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

In a response via WhatsApp, Minister Young told Guardian Media, "I am ignoring the opposition and continuing to work for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to the best of my ability. I will not change my telephone number."

Education Minister Anthony Garcia told reporters he was unfazed by the release of his number, and remarked" let the jackass bray."


"Is this man serious about governing T&T?

Does the PNM have nothing else to do?

Increasing Crime, poor healthcare, mass unemployment, declining economy but the Prime Minister messaging about hiding his phone number."


Khamal Georges.

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