PM challenges Moonilal to "meet outside on the pavement" but oh did he get it wrong

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley challenged Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal to "meet him outside on the pavement" during today's sitting of the Parliament, after he clearly heard wrongly, what Dr Moonilal had asked him.

Dr Moonilal was one of many Opposition members asking questions about state funding of the recovery of Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie, during a sitting of the Lower House.

Dr Moonilal asked: "Could the prime minister indicate whether it's the intention of the party he leads to help Minister Cuffie rather than the taxpayers?"

However, instead of hearing the words "party he leads", Dr Rowley's reply indicated that he actually heard the words, "party elites".

"If my colleague from Oropouche East wants to talk about party elites, I'll meet him outside on the pavement," Dr Rowley replied following a long pause during which House Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George calling on him four times to respond.

Dr Rowley's response drew shock from Opposition benches and the House Speaker called on another member to continue the question session.

Dr Moonilal was seen on camera getting up and walking as though he was ready to accept the challenge before the Speaker brought the House to order.

The clip of the incident was taken from the Parliament Channel.

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