PM: Economic uncertainty brought about with scrapping of Aluminium Smelter

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has said this country brought the recent years of economic uncertainty upon itself when the Aluminium Smelter plant in La Brea was scrapped a decade ago.

"We did this to ourselves," said Dr Rowley at the launch of the Alutech project at the Tamana InTeck park this morning.

"Had we gone into that Aluminium business then and not shut it down foolishly for political stupidity, today we would have had smeltering aluminium products of the highest quality," said Rowley, who said the plant had the potential to bolster the economy in midst of dipping oil prices.

Rowley said instead of reaping the benefits of the plant, the country incurred losses due to the plant's closure and inability to use the TGR power plant constructed to facilitate the plant for several years.

The Prime Minister said while the Alutech park was a return to the aluminium industry for this country, he stressed it was not the return of a smelter plant.

"We are not restarting the aluminium smelter. We are not. We have lost it," said Dr Rowley.

- by Peter Christopher

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