PM misses 'Conversations with the Prime Minister'

It was deemed 'Conversations with the Prime Minister' but there was only one problem - the prime minister was not there.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was unable to attend today's event held in Palo Seco, due to an emergency meeting of CARICOM government leaders on the current crisis in Venezuela.

Instead, the conversation with residents was chaired by Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Franklin Khan.

Dozens of Palo Seco and Santa Flora residents stormed out the event after it was announced that Dr Keith Rowley would not be attending. 

Cries of ”disrespect", "this is nonsense" and "we not taking that" belted out as residents left the Palo Seco Primary School.

Energy Minister Franklin Khan explained the prime minister's absence but it was not accepted by a vociferous part of the audience. 

The event then turned into a Q&A with Khan, Housing Minister Edmund Dillon, Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte and La Brea MP Nicole Olivierre. 

Earlier on some resident stage a protest at Palo Seco junction over the demolition of houses in the area by Petrotrin two months ago and the retrenchment of hundred of workers from Petrotrin, who were not absorbed into the new Heritage Petroleum Company in Santa Flora. 

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