PM not deterred by Barataria loss

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley last night told supporters they could hold their heads high despite losing the Barataria seat to the Opposition United National Congress.

In his concession speech at the party Barataria office, Rowley said, “From all reports, we have lost this seat very narrowly. However, our efforts have been very worthy of this party and tonight I want to congratulate Ms Small and the campaign team.”

He said the result for them was still very encouraging because the defeat was narrow.

“The PNM lost by a few votes,” he said, adding the party also did not hold the seat by a large margin when they won in it 2016.

However, he said in the 2019 Local Government elections the PNM will put its best foot forward and expect a different result.

“Win, draw or lose this seat, we conducted ourselves with honesty, decency and integrity,” Rowley said.

He said although they had lost the seat the San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation remains in the hands of the PNM as they had 11 of the 13 seats prior to yesterday and that figure had been reduced to 10 now.

“We, tonight, can go to bed with a clear conscience that we paid no person to vote for us, we stirred up not pot of racial or religious acrimony,” he told supporters, adding the PNM will contest other elections in Barataria and will continue to provide the population with the best option in the political arena.

Before the PM gave his speech, however, Barataria supporters had believed they had won the seat.

“Kamla lose again. Kamla lose again,” they had been chanting in unison.

However, when the final votes were counted there were sad and long disappointed faces, with some openly crying over the defeat.

Small admitted she was disappointed.

“Unfortunately we did not get the number of seats we wanted but we will be back again. The PNM will continue to remain strong as ever,” Small told supporters.

Source: (Shaliza Hassanali) 

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