PM: Seizure of assets will be via due process of the court

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is responding to calls for citizens to sign a petition against the passage of the Unexplained Wealth Bill.

In a post to The Office of the Prime Minister's Facebook page, Dr Rowley attempted to clarify what he says are a number of false claims.

The video which began circulating over the weekend made a number of claims, one being that the state could seize assets based only on a suspicion.

According to Dr Rowley, investigators must first approach the DPP, who, if satisfied can then request that the Civil Asset Agency approach the High Court.

He insists that seizure of assets is via the due process of the court only.

He explains further than forfeiture can only happen if ordered by the court after hearing all parties.

On the issue of citizens barring the burden of cost even if they win an appeal, Dr Rowley says the law specifically provides for compensation by the state if it is ruled that it was wrong.

On the issue of retroactivity, Dr Rowley again reiterated that a court has the sole jurisdiction to order forfeiture.