PM signs nomination papers to be re-elected PNM's political leader

Friday, August 31, 2018 - 11:15

A PNM Diego Martin West party group has agreed to nominate Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for re-election to the post of Political Leader in the People’s National Movement's internal elections, carded for September 30th 2018. 

Party Group Twenty on Thursday presented Dr Rowley with the nomination papers for his signature.

Party group members as well as members of the Diego Martin West Constituency executive, headed by Robert Caesar, witnessed Dr. Rowley signing his nomination papers at Balisier House, the PNM’s headquarters, hours before the PNM kicked off its Independence Day celebrations. 

The nomination papers will be officially submitted to the PNM election committee on Monday September 3rd 2018 in keeping with the election rules.

Dr Rowely was surrounded by a large group of supporters from his Diego Martin West constituency.