PM: We all deserve a second chance

Despite being adamant that the Government does not associate with criminals when he fired Marlene McDonald as a minister last July, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says everyone, including McDonald, deserves a second chance.

“In her last outing there was some lack of judgement and we all deserve to get a second chance,” Rowley said during as tour of Bamboo Village, Cedros, as he defended his decision to bring her back into his Cabinet a third time.

“I think she understands that a prime minister has to do what a prime minister has to do. I think Ms McDonald is a very good representative, she is experienced and she is hard working, and I am sure that she will do very well for her community and for the nation.”

He added, “She has been appointed to do a job and I think she can do a good job of it.”

The appointment was criticised across several sectors yesterday, but Rowley said there would always be those who disagree with Government’s decisions.

“We have 1.3 million people in this country and we’re likely to get one million views.”

He said once Government was reasonable with its decision making, he was confident the majority of “right thinking people” would support the decisions they make.

Source: (Kevon Felmine)

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