PNM founding member Kamaluddin Mohammed has died

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 00:00

PNM founding member and Deputy Prime Minister under Dr Eric Williams, Kamaluddin Mohammed, has died. Mohammed died at his home around 10.30 Tuesday night.

He had been recently hospitalised with kidney and other complications but was later discharged.

Mohammed was the first person of East Indian descent to reach the office of acting prime minister.

He became the youngest government minister ever in the British Commonwealth when he was appointed Minister of Agriculture.

He served as the MP for St Joseph and as Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries under the Government led by Dr Williams.

Apart from serving as Acting Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Mohammed, over his thirty (30) years in politics, was at various times, Minister for Public Utilities; for West Indian Affairs; for External Affairs; for Health; and for Local Government.

He also served as Ambassador to CARICOM for three years.

Mohammed will be buried at 4pm on Monday under Muslim rites, the family has said.

In September this year, another PNM founder and deputy political leader, Dr Winston Mahabir, also passed away.