PNM Tobago Council calls on Duke to apologise

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 17:00

The To­ba­go Coun­cil of the Peo­ple's Na­tion­al Move­ment(PNM) is call­ing on the leader of the Pro­gres­sive De­mo­c­ra­t­ic Pa­tri­ots (PDP) Wat­son Duke to apol­o­gise for the racial re­marks he made last Mon­day.


"I’m ask­ing all n***as, all black peo­ple like my­self ... not to sup­port the PNM," Duke, who al­so leads the Pub­lic Ser­vices As­so­ci­a­tion (PSA), said at a PSA press con­fer­ence.

Re­spond­ing to Duke's re­marks, Vice Chair­man of the coun­cil Wen­dell Berkley said: "Duke is an em­bar­rass­ment to the peo­ple of To­ba­go.”

“The use of the N-word a to­tal dis­re­spect to To­bag­o­ni­ans and even our an­ces­tors," Berkley said.

Speak­ing at the par­ty's month­ly me­dia brief­ing at the par­ty To­ba­go head­quar­ters yes­ter­day, Berkley said Duke's in­sults go way be­yond the lat­est in­ci­dent.


He said when Duke be­came PSA's pres­i­dent; To­ba­go was proud as an­oth­er To­bag­on­ian had tak­en a lead­er­ship role in this coun­try.

How­ev­er, Duke has tar­nished the To­ba­go brand.

"He be­came the leader of PSA and with­in quick time there was some ero­sion of the re­la­tion­ship be­tween Mr. Duke and his ex­ec­u­tive ... and some things were un­pleas­ant.”

He said the To­ba­go brand is one of "courage, re­spect, good deco­rum a To­ba­go pride and love, neigh­bor­li­ness, am­bi­tion and hu­mil­i­ty.”

The vice chair­man re­ferred to the on-go­ing court mat­ter and the post­poned PSA elec­tions. He went on to say that Dukes “stink mouth (about Prime Min­ster Kei­th Row­ley) com­ment hurt To­bag­o­ni­ans.”

Berke­ly ac­cused Duke of al­low­ing per­sons to use him to den­i­grate his own peo­ple.

" You have to ask if Mr Duke is a dri­ver (slave) then who is the mas­ter? And if the UNC is the mas­ter then is he al­low­ing some­body to use him?"

He called on the PSA pres­i­dent to apol­o­gise to the peo­ple of To­ba­go the el­ders and the an­ces­tors and their mem­o­ry for his wrong­do­ing

Reporter: Loyse Vincent