Police again release "person of interest" in Shannon Banfield murder investigation

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 21:00

Police have once again released a man deemed to be a person of interest in the investigation of the murder of Republic Bank worker Shannon Banfield at IAM and Company on Charlotte Street.

Dale Seecharan walked out of the Central Police Station in Port-of-Spain just before 12.30 Thursday morning.

It was the second time that Seecharan, an employee at IAM and Company, was set free by the police.

He had been detained last Thursday together with another person of interest Matthew Maharaj.

Maharaj was released on the weekend and police released Seecharan late Monday night.

However he was re-arrested just three hours later on Tuesday morning.

Police are examining CCTV footage from the establishment as the attempt to find the person responsible for taking her life.

An autopsy revealed that 20-year-old Banfield of McCarthy Street Extension, Cantaro, Santa Cruz, was smoothered to death.

Her body was discovered among some boxes at the store on Thursday afternoon, days after she was reported missing by her mother to Santa Cruz police.

She was laid to rest on Wednesday.

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