Police avert planned protests likely to disrupt first day of school

Planned protests to disrupt the first day of school by blocking all major roads leading out to Point Fortin, La Brea and Fyzabad have been averted by police.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith coordinated a high concentration of police officers in specific areas where roadblocks were planned.

From as early as 3 am, officers set up patrols stymying protesters.

However, in Princes Town parents of pupils attending the Princes Town Presbyterian No 1 and 2 schools, geared up for a press conference at noon today. 

There was a smooth flow of traffic coming out of the peninsula although Trinmar workers continued erecting flags in anticipation of a mass mobilization meeting with the Oilfield Workers Trade Union.

Traffic also flowed into the southern city of San Fernando, with minor pileups at Gulf View Link Road, SS Erin Road and Cross Crossing Interchange.

We will bring you more on the turnout of pupils at schools later today.

 - by Radhica De Silva


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