Police charge Ramlogan, Ramdeen

Police are currently in the process of charging former attorney general Anand Ramlogan, SC, and UNC Senator Gerald Ramdeen with three offences over their roles in a multi-million legal fee kickback conspiracy. 

Detectives assigned to the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau (ACIB) were given the go ahead from Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, SC after a meeting. 

Investigators were expected to complete the interview process on Thursday night but their plans were derailed after both Ramlogan and Ramdeen complained of feeling unwell at different times and they had to be taken separately to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for treatment. 

Sources close to the investigation said that the Ramlogan and Ramdeen are being charged with conspiring to engage in money laundering, corruption and misbehaviour in public office.

 Similar charges were laid against the State's co-operating witness British Queen's Counsel Vincent Nelson, on Wednesday. Nelson has signed a plea agreement with the State to testify against Ramlogan and Ramdeen.

Nelson was released on $100,000 bail and was allowed to leave the country to medical treatment.  

Guardian Media understands that lawyers for Ramlogan and Ramdeen are seeking bail for their clients as they would have to spend the weekend in police custody until they are able to appear before a magistrate on Monday. 

Station bail is usually granted to some persons charged with non-violent crimes during weekends.

It is allowed at the discretion of the police and is approved by a Justice of the Peace. 


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