Police: Crime down in Enterprise

The Cen­tral Di­vi­sion of the Po­lice Ser­vice has made strides in the fight against crime in En­ter­prise, as the have been able to re­duce down crime.

Speak­ing at a press brief­ing yes­ter­day, act­ing Sgt Jacey Small, of the Cen­tral Di­vi­sion, at­trib­uted the suc­cess to com­mu­ni­ty polic­ing and build­ing re­la­tion­ships with the res­i­dents.

He said, “be­cause we had a ze­ro-tol­er­ance ap­proach to crime with re­gards to any crime that was tak­ing place in the com­mu­ni­ty and be­cause of the re­la­tion­ships and trust that was built be­tween the po­lice and the com­mu­ni­ty.”

Small added: “Be­cause of the strong part­ner­ships and the strong re­la­tions with the com­mu­ni­ty, En­ter­prise is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing an all-time low.”

He al­so said that in try­ing to con­tain the crime in En­ter­prise, through com­mu­ni­ty polic­ing, they were al­so able to build re­la­tion­ships with res­i­dents of near­by com­mu­ni­ties such as Ed­in­burg 500.

Small said these num­bers show a de­crease ex­cept for the year 2018 which he not­ed was due to one sus­pect who has since been ar­rest­ed and in­car­cer­at­ed.

He al­so said they have ar­rest­ed a to­tal of 1200 peo­ple from with­in the En­ter­prise area to date.

Reporter: Rishard Khan

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