Police, fire officers, nurses to welcome Point-a-Pierre students back to school

Students from Pointe-a-Pierre Government Primary School will get a very special back-to-school surprise as they receive encouragement and cheers from a crowd of community leaders.

On September 3rd, 2018 at 7:45 AM, uniformed police officers, firemen, pastors, nurses and other professionals will welcome students on the first day of school.

Leading the effort is Key of David International (KODI), a local church based in Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre.

Pastor Mwale Henry says he hopes to inspire the next generation of leaders to take their education seriously.

"Our nation is depending on these students to solve big problems. What they do today matters and we want them to know that we’re cheering for their success,” he said.

The back-to-school pep rally is part of KODI’s larger “Love Yuh Neighbor” initiative to inspire communities to work together to tackle pervasive issues such as crime and the school-to-prison pipeline.

“It’s important that these young persons know that they matter. Often times they only see authority figures when they get into trouble or need help, by then it’s likely too late. When they see us in this light, celebrating and not disciplining them, their mentality will shift,” Pastor Mwale Henry said.

More than 150 students are expected to participate in this initiative.

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