Police investigate report of kidnapping involving Debe woman

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 07:30

Police are now investigating reports of a kidnapping involving a 34-year-old Debe woman, Ria Sookdeo.

Relatives of the mother of three say she was abducted this morning after she dropped her children off at school.

The children attend the Picton Presbyterian Primary School and Sookdeo is said to have gone to the school at 8.30 am to as part of her daily routine to drop them off when she was grabbed outside the compound and bundled into a vehicle which sped off.

Relatives have taken to Facebook to ask for help in finding her.

Ivanna Rajkumar said: "My cousin Ria Sookdeo was just kidnapped at Picton, Diamond Village. Anyone with whereabouts please contact me. The only lead we have is a Black Extrail."

Sookdeo is a hairdresser from Wellington Road Extension, Debe.

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Video by Ivan Toolsie.