Police officer accused of being involved in Pollonais kidnapping legally challenges detention

One police officer accused of being involved in the kidnapping of Natalie Pollonais has legally challenged his detention by police.

When the matter was brought before high court judge Margaret Mohammed, she ordered that police have until midday tomorrow to charge the police officer.

Attorney Shiva Boodoo said during his client's 200 hours of detention, the officer was only questioned once for three hours over Pollonais' abduction.

Mr Boodoo says he was questioned for a second time but over another kidnapping suggesting that police did not gather sufficient evidence against his client.

 He says his client was made to endure poor conditions in the holding cell of a police station.

Meanwhile, attorneys from the office of the Attorney General denied that the police investigation has stalled. 

Instead saying the TTPS was awaiting results of a voice recognition analysis.

On Tuesday, 24-year-old special reserve police (SRP) Shawndelle Euin, who was also last assigned to the La Romain police post, and 50-year-old La Brea welder Gregory James appeared in court charged with kidnapping for ransom. 

Both were denied bail. 

The duo were denied bail when they re-appaered today, as kidnapping for ransom is not a bailable offence. 

This was explained when they returned to the San Fernando first magistrates court with certain documents that were requested.

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