Police plead with revellers: Take caution with Mr Killa’s Run With It

Sergeant David Swan­son is plead­ing with pa­trons to de­sist from pick­ing up items that do not be­long to them when Mr Kil­la’s song—Run With It— is be­ing played in Car­ni­val fetes as it could lead to a fight.

Swan­son made the com­ment dur­ing an in­ter­view on the CNC3 Morn­ing Brew pro­gramme.

With­in re­cent times sev­er­al videos have sur­faced on so­cial me­dia show­ing fete lovers lift­ing and car­ry­ing items that were not theirs when the tagline of the song “pick up some­thing...any­thing” is be­ing played.

One video showed pa­trons lift­ing a ten by ten tent at a fete on Wednes­day night dur­ing the song.

In re­sponse, Swan­son warned pa­trons to be mind­ful of the law and to re­spect oth­er peo­ple’s prop­er­ty and space at a Car­ni­val event.

“If the song is play­ing. That whole as­pect of pick­ing up any­thing. It may seem fun­ny but if for some rea­son some­one does not take that light­ly... they may deem it as in­vad­ing their space. We all know at some fete a fight could break out.”

Asked if the song was pos­ing a ma­jor chal­lenge to the TTPS, Swan­son said, “I would not say it is pos­ing a chal­lenge. We would just adapt to suit.”

Swan­son al­so spoke about the I Road Safe cam­paign which is a col­lab­o­ra­tive ef­fort of the TTPS, Ar­rive Alive and so­ca artistes who have been warn­ing mo­torists not to drink and dri­ve dur­ing the Car­ni­val sea­son.

Among the so­ca artistes who have been ad­vis­ing dri­vers not to get be­hind their wheels drunk are Na­dia Bat­son, Su­perblue, Farmer Nap­py, Al­li­son Hinds, Ray­mond Ram­nar­ine, Lyri­cal and Skin­ny Fab­u­lous.

Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith, who kicked off the cam­paign last week, ad­vised mo­torists:”When you tight you can’t dri­ve right.”

Swan­son said the goal of the Po­lice Ser­vice is al­so to make the coun­try’s roads safe.

He said, “We hope with this cam­paign we can re­duce se­ri­ous ac­ci­dents and road fa­tal­i­ties. We are ask­ing per­sons to do the right thing and sub­mit your­self to the breathal­yser test.”

Tired and sleepy dri­vers, Swan­son said, can dri­ve in­to a po­lice sta­tion to take a rest.

Reporter: Shaliza Hassanali

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