Police probe gun video

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - 07:00

Officers of the Port-of-Spain Division are now investigating a 23-second long video clip, showing a known criminal brandishing a gun with two extra cylindrical magazines.

Police identified the man who lives in the St Paul Street, East Dry River district, and said he appeared to be “showing off” his new gun.

Police suspect that the man in the video recently received the weapon.

The video, which is being circulated on WhatsApp, is one of many social media recordings of criminals brandishing weapons.

In both April and August, other videos surfaced showing men with guns. In the first incident, police said the 65-second-long video was shot in Maloney while another video showed members of the Rasta City gang showing off an array of illegal guns which included high-powered rifles such as AR-15’s and AK-47’s along with hand guns.

Central Division officers are also investigating pictures of men posing with guns as well as guns being advertised for sale for $9,000 from neighbouring Venezuela. The images surfaced last year and re-emerged this year.

Commenting on the display of guns by criminals yesterday, criminologist Daurius Figueira said the videos and sharing of such images was a US gang culture that has seeped into the Caribbean.

“The criminals post on social media to indicate their rank and to send messages to their opponents of what they have and what they are willing to use. The lesson is in the weaponry, these magazines (cylindrical) can carry 80 or so rounds. This is for maximum damage in an enclosed area. It is the tools for urban war,” Figueira said.

He said that with such high-powered weaponry, collateral damage was inevitable and with the murder toll already past 400, Figueira said the murder rate was spiralling having consistently been above 400 for the past four years.

SOURCE: www.guardian.co.tt (Jensen La Vende)

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