Police probe two murders, Toco chopping death

Po­lice are search­ing for a mo­tive fol­low­ing yes­ter­day’s brazen mur­der at a car wash in Tu­na­puna.

Of­fi­cers said Anil Bas­deo, 45, was at the car wash when he was am­bushed by a group of gun­men.


They all opened fire on him killing him at the scene.

The in­ci­dent oc­curred at Streatham Lodge Road at about 8 am.

Hours be­fore, on Wednes­day evening, Andy Ra­goobir, 30 from El Tor­ro Road, Mara­cas, St Joseph was shot by masked gun­men.

He died on the way to the hos­pi­tal.

Po­lice said two months ago he was charged for pos­ses­sion of a firearm.

And of­fi­cers are in­ves­ti­gat­ing a sus­pect­ed homi­cide in To­co on Wednes­day night where a 29-year-old man who was chopped and his wrist sev­ered in the at­tack died.

Po­lice re­ports in­di­cat­ed that at about 11.30 pm on Wednes­day, a 36-year-old man of Basin Road, San Souci was at his home when two men en­tered his yard and be­gan throw­ing stones and bot­tles at his house.

The man told po­lice he climbed through a win­dow armed with a cut­lass and con­front­ed the men and be­gan chop­ping them about their bod­ies.

Ron­nie Bap­tiste of 11 Paria Main Road, San Souci and the oth­er a 22-year-old of Damarie Hill, Guaico, San­gre Grande were in­jured.

Bap­tiste was se­vere­ly chopped, his left wrist sev­ered and he had se­ri­ous wounds to the ab­domen, head, and chest.

The oth­er man re­ceived a chop wound to the head. The home­own­er al­so re­ceived a wound to the right fore­arm.

All three men were tak­en to the To­co Health Cen­tre where they were treat­ed. But Bap­tiste was trans­ferred to the San­gre Grande Hos­pi­tal for fur­ther med­ical treat­ment but was pro­nounced dead on ar­rival.

 - by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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