Police recover stolen vehicle being stripped in Beetham

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 20:00

Police have recovered a stolen car being stripped in the Beetham, a statement from the Police Service says.

The vehicle was found on Wednesday afternoon. Police have also seized marijuana and cocaine in another operation.

The following is a statement by the Police Service:

"Around 4:15pm on Wednesday 20th July 2016, Inspector Thorpe along with a party of officers attached to the Inter-Agency Task Force Operation H.O.P.E were on mobile patrol in the Beetham Gardens district when they acted upon information received and proceeded to Ninth Street, Beetham Gardens where they conducted a search relative to a report of a stolen vehicle.

During the search the officers found a white Nissan B15, partially stripped. Further checks in the area were conducted and the officers recovered 4 car doors and a 1 trunk lid which were believed to be associated with the vehicle. The vehicle was conveyed to the Besson Street Police Station. Sgt Lopez is continuing investigations.

Northern Division – narcotics seized

Between the hours of 9:00am on Wednesday 20th July 2016 and 12:30am on Thursday 21st July 2016, Sgt Sanchez, Ag. Cpl Bedassie along with a party of officers attached to the Northern Division conducted several anti-crime exercises in the Arouca, La Horquetta, Tunapuna and Pinto districts.

During the anti-crime exercises 11 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued, 98 Field Interviews and 27 Field Sobriety Tests were conducted, 38.2 grammes cocaine, 95.4 grammes marijuana together with a street value of $2,768.00 were found and seized and 10 persons were arrested for various offences which included possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking."

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