Police release 15-year-old arrested in connection with double murder

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 20:00

The 15-year-old boy who was arrested in connection with the double murder of teenagers Stephan Singh and Marlon Hall has been released.

Singh and Hall were gunned down along St John Road in St Augustine last month.

The 15-year-old suspect was the first person to be held in connection with the murders.

However, the attorney representing the minor, Fareed Ali, confirmed his release during an interview on CNC3's The Morning Brew.

"He was interviewed just around 5.30 yesterday afternoon and in the post-news time, which was the later hours of yesterday evening, closer to 10 o'clock, he was released," Ali said.

He added: "He has not been charged. In terms of the circumstances which led to his arrest, his mother and father were contacted over the course of the weekend by the homicide region two officers, which is that area of the homicide in Arouca.

"They were merely indicated to by those officers that they have an interest in interviewing their son so that basically is the backdrop in which the arrest took place."

Ali says the child has been released into the custody of his parents. 

Ali says he does not know what is the nature of the evidence against the boy.

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