Police release photo of shot officer, insist it was cold-blooded attack

The police service has released a photo of the police officer who was shot in Carenage during an exchange of gunfire with residents of Big Yard, in a bid to highlight the police's side of the story, that the officers were attacked by some residents.

In a two-page statement, says the photo shows that someone used an illegal weapon and shot at a police officer.

"No one is discussing this," the statement said.

It added: "This means that a criminal element tried to kill a police officer in cold blood whilst he was performing his duty on patrol. No one is discussing this."

The police statement alleges that the officers were confronted with a hail of gunfire.

It claims that gunfire also came from others higher up on the street.

"They were using semi-automatic rifles, in a virtual ambush to kill 3 police officers. Still no one is discussing this. The most vociferous in this matter seem to always be those who are sympathetic and supportive of these criminal elements, which is usually the case; and these are the views that are primarily highlighted as it makes for exciting news," the statement said.

The statement says that the officers who were shot at are now being bombarded with death threats.

The statement quotes Police Commissioner Gary Griffith as saying, “I have a Police Service ready and willing to put their lives at stake and take on these criminals, in defence of their country and law abiding citizens. These gang members and shooters do not care who it is and would kill anyone, even police officers, but it is the officers who are constantly being judged and crucified by some.”

The police statement says that Commissioner Griffith is hoping that law-abiding citizens understand their responsibility and know that the lives of police officers are at risk daily.

It says that Griffith would be back on the streets with his officers leading such operations with immediate effect.

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