Police report: Murder victims were Lionheart Gang enforcers

Saturday, January 18, 2020 - 10:30

A police report on three men murdered in Arima early Wednesday morning, lists all three as not just members of at least two gangs, but also as 'enforcers'.

Dimitri Cust, 19, Nyron Samuel, 24 and Jordan Archibald, 15, were all killed when gunmen, dressed in police uniform, entered the house they were living in on Demerara Road, Arima and shot them dead.

The police report, obtained by Guardian Media Limited, states that all three deceased were members of the Lionheart gang, and were associated with the Rasta City and Bloods gangs.

"They were all enforcers for the said gang, led by one, (name omitted) of (street ommited), Demerara, Arima," the document said.

The report notes that Samuel had been charged with firearm offences and was profiled by police as "enforcer and drug dealer".

Both Cust and 15-year-old Archibald had been charged with robbery offences and were also profiled as "enforcer and drug dealer".

The police document is in keeping with remarks made by National Security Minister Stuart Young at Thursday's post-Cabinet news conference.

He told reporters that the persons killed were listed as enforcers, drug dealers and drug pushers and explained that an "enforcer" is one in a gang who carries out the wishes of the gang, including murders.

On Friday, police and soldiers locked down a portion of Arima in a bid to crack down on the spate of murders in the borough, which included two double-murders in the first 16 days of 2020.