Police say at-large St Ann's escapee is charged with murder

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 20:00

Police say five of the six inmates who escaped from the St Ann’s Hospital, Forensic Ward, between midnight last night and 1:50am today Tuesday 29th March, 2016, have been recaptured and returned to the institution.

They have been identified as Kyron Lewis, Maikie Hendrickson, 20, Gabriel Solomon 26, Michael Thomas, 26, and Andre Harvey who were recaptured within hours of their escape.

Lewis was held by officers from the Guard and Emergency Branch; Hendrickson was held in Rio Claro by officers of the Rio Claro Police Station; Solomon was held by officers from the Siparia Police Station; Thomas was returned by relatives to the institution and Harvey was held on the compound.

The sixth escapee Sheldon Thomas, 31, remains at large and is on a charge of murder. Thomas’ last known address was Mt Plaisance Carenage.

The patients cut a burglar-proof barrier within their ward to make good their escape.

They all escaped from Ward 27, which consists of patients ordered there by the court for psychiatric evaluation.

There are a total of 40 patients listed on that ward.

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