Police at scene of San Fernando shooting

Po­lice are cur­rent­ly at Har­ris Prom­e­nade, San Fer­nan­do, where an Arou­ca man was shot this morn­ing. The in­ci­dent took place in the vicin­i­ty of two schools.

Pre­lim­i­nary re­ports are that the vic­tim, who has not been iden­ti­fied, was in San Fer­nan­do with his broth­er to pur­chase a car. They had $27,000 in cash with them and had arranged to meet with the sell­er on Har­ris Prom­e­nade.

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Po­lice said the two men were stand­ing in an area near a sec­ondary school and a pri­ma­ry school at around 10.30 am when two men ap­proached them and opened fire. One of the broth­ers was shot in the mouth while the oth­er was un­hurt. The in­ci­dent took place in full view of sev­er­al peo­ple.

The as­sailants ran off with­out the mon­ey and the in­jured broth­er was tak­en to the near­by San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal where he is re­ceiv­ing emer­gency treat­ment. His broth­er is at the San Fer­nan­do Po­lice Sta­tion.

In­ves­ti­ga­tions are con­tin­u­ing.

- Sascha Wilson

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