Police seize drugs and guns

Friday, May 26, 2017 - 12:30

Police have recovered 21 kilogrammes of marijuana and 14 trap guns in east Trinidad.

The seizure was made during an exercise conducted by officers of the Sangre Grande CID, task force, Toco and Matelot police station.

CNC3 News understands around 3 am on Thursday police stopped a vehicle, at the corner of Toco Road and the Valencia old road.

After searching the car, 7.1 kilogrammes of marijuana was found and two men, ages 22 and 56 years old were arrested.

After questioning, police went to the home of the 22-year-old at Monte Video, Toco, a warrant was then executed and a further 14 kilogrammes of the drug was found.

Upon exit of the home, located near a forested area police noticed a man exiting a bushy track with a bucket in hand.

They say when the man saw police he re-entered the forest and escaped, dropping the bucket along the way.

They recovered 14 trap guns in the bucket and 50 crates of marijuana seedlings nearby.

The drugs have an estimated street value or $175,000