Police swoop down on Grande vendors

Mu­nic­i­pal po­lice of­fi­cers swooped down on ven­dors sell­ing their goods along the side­walk in San­gre Grande yes­ter­day. Ven­dors were asked by the po­lice to re­move their goods or have it con­fis­cat­ed.

Some ven­dors hur­ried­ly packed their goods and re­moved their stalls to avoid their goods be­ing con­fis­cat­ed, while oth­ers gave the po­lice stiff op­po­si­tion. As a re­sult, one ven­dor had some of her goods con­fis­cat­ed.

Up­set shop­pers and mem­bers of the pub­lic ac­cused the po­lice of tak­ing ad­van­tage of the ven­dors who are strug­gling to make an hon­est liv­ing.

Ven­dors said the po­lice ac­tions are not fair to them since it is on­ly on week­ends they "make a lit­tle hus­tle to sur­vive".

Joanne Fitz and her broth­er Der­ry Fitz An­drews said they are be­ing tar­get­ed by the po­lice for vend­ing in the dri­ve­way of their pri­vate prop­er­ty and not caus­ing any ob­struc­tion. How­ev­er, they were told to pro­vide a deed of own­er­ship for the land.

They said they did not re­ceive any cor­re­spon­dence from the San­gre Grande Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion or Mu­nic­i­pal po­lice in­form­ing them that they should stop sell­ing in front of their dri­ve­way

They in­tent to take the Mu­nic­i­pal po­lice to court and have pro­vid­ed the nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion to their at­tor­ney.

When Guardian Me­dia con­tact­ed Inp Sawak Baran, head of the San­gre Grande Mu­nic­i­pal po­lice for com­ment, he said the law was for all and not one per­son.

"Of­fi­cers had in­formed and warned the An­drews about erect­ing a tent and the vend­ing of goods, but got re­sis­tance from them and were forced to lay charges, which in­clud­ed sell­ing a 100-miles ra­dius from mar­ket, sell­ing with­out ap­proved li­cence from the cor­po­ra­tion, ob­struct­ing the free pas­sage­way and re­sist­ing ar­rest. This was last week Sat­ur­day, May 18 and this Sat­ur­day, May 25, they will be slapped with the same charges via sum­mons."

When Guardian Me­dia tried to con­tact Ter­ry Ron­don, chair­man of San­gre Grande Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion, his cell phone went to voice mail.

- by Ralph Banwarie

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