Police use drone to locate $1.6m marijuana field

Police destroyed marijuana trees and cured marijuana worth an estimated $1.6 million, after using a drone to locate the fields.

According to police reports, during the exercise, Sgt. Ronny Rampallard of the Air Support Unit deployed ‘Dragonfly 3’.

The drone was utilized for situational awareness to guide the officers through the forest, where they found two marijuana fields with 1,500 fully grown trees.

 The officers also found 42 pounds of cured marijuana and one camp which were subsequently destroyed along with the trees. 

The drugs have an estimated street value of $1,690,000. 

Officers also found and disarmed three trap guns which were found in the vicinity of the fields. 

The exercise which was spearheaded by ACP McDonald Jacob, Snr. Supts. Garth Nelson and Lloyd Mc Alpin, also included officers of the Organized Crime and Intelligence Unit, the Eastern Division Task Force and the Air Support Unit. 

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