POLITICAL ANALYST: Expect more voters for LGE 2019

Monday, October 14, 2019 - 04:00

Political analyst, Dr Winford James, is predicting that this year will see a higher than normal turnout for the local government elections.

According to Dr James, voter participation in the last local government election was at roughly 34 percent. He notes, though, that having two major elections so close together will impact voter participation. He says people also will be going to the polls because of how they feel about the Rowley administration, as well as any momentum which the UNC can generate for itself.

The political analyst notes that some 23,000 new voters have been added to the electorate, which may have precipitated the EBC making adjustments to boundaries. He observes that the independence of the EBC must be assumed in all its operations.

Dr James points out that the UNC has not been complaining that the adjustments have disadvantaged them, which is an indication of their readiness for the polls.

He says this election may be up for grabs, given how times are changing. He says seats that may have been marginal before, no longer may be so.

Four seats have been identified as marginal, including Siparia, Sangre Grande, Rio Claro and Tunapuna/Piarco.


Story by NEWS DESK