Prankster apologises to St Lucia hotel; tells T&T radio station how it all happened

Monday, August 15, 2016 - 14:30

New York-based prankster Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson has apologised to The Landings hotel in St Lucia for an attempted prank on Trinidad and Tobago soca songstress Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez.

This as videos appeared over the weekend showing a confrontation between the prankster and both Lyons-Alvarez and her husband Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez in a St Lucia hotel room.

The apology, entitled "QueenzFlip's Prank", was uploaded to his Queenzflip's Instagram page '@queenzflip' on Monday.

"I humbly apologize to The Landing for any issues and disturbances my prank may have caused," he says.

"The Security at the Spa remained in full effect and was never breached or compromised. My video was a prank; please note that I am a professional Prankster and have done several similar pranks internationally. I've been studying my craft for a while and take the necessary steps to make sure no one gets hurt. To date no one has ever been hurt in the pranks because safety is always on the top of my list!! Rest assure that The Landing St. Lucia remains one of the safest locations on the island!! Thank you," he said.

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Queenzflip, whose wife is from Penal, refuted accusations that the entire thing was a publicity stunt, as he spoke to local radio station 96.1 FM via Skype this morning and sought to explain what transpired.

"Dexter (member of Bunji's team) and I set it up and the least place that Fay Ann and Bunji would have expect(ed) me was in St Lucia," he said.

"I set it up with the manager. This is how I do my pranks, I set it up with the manager. Of course, you know people had a couple of questions like, you know, it's fake. It's surely real." 

"I don't think she meant to hurt me. She knows who I am but she didn't expect me there. She didn't expect me in her room. The last thing Fay Ann was thinking about was Queenzflip," he said.. 

He added: "I'm reading a lot of comments, they're saying it's fake. In order for me to do a prank, I have to be in contact with their team. People are asking 'how did I get into the room'. I was in contact with Dexter." 

The prankster said he was required to speak to St Lucia police on Sunday about the incident.

He maintains that he has patched up relations with both Bunji and Fay Ann and also uploaded a video showing him appearing on stage with them on Sunday.

While there is another prank on his Instagram page showing him surprising a naked woman in her bathroom, the prankster insists he never intended to take it that far with Fay Ann.