President stands by his position to allow CJ's sabbatical

President Anthony Carmona is standing by his decision to grant sabbatical leave to Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

Just after 6pm on Monday, President Carmona dispatched a letter to the prime minister, in which the president stood by his decision.

Sources tell CNC3 the president met with a legal advisor for several hours yesterday before dispatching the correspondence to the Office of the Prime Minister.

This morning the Office of the Prime Minister issued a statement on the matter saying the prime minister is currently examining the facts of the CJ's sabbatical leave and is expected to report to the country on the matter very soon.

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young has gone on public record saying there is no legal basis to grant the Chief Justice sabbatical leave.

Sources in the legal fraternity also questioned the rationale for the decision saying no official position on the matter was ever finalized by the bench.


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