President tells Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite attacks on their religion

President Paula-Mae Weekes has called on law-abiding Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite the attack on their religion by criminals who call themselves Muslims.

In her Eid message yesterday, Weekes extended solidarity to "true Muslims" saying Islam has been distorted by those seeking violence and discord.

"It is alarming to observe the distortion of the message of Islam practiced by some in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world, who have been drawn into lifestyles of brutality and contempt for human life," she said.

The President added, " It must dishearten those who strive to be devout ambassadors of their religion to see it so inaccurately portrayed; but they must remain steadfast in exemplifying the true tenets of their faith and we all must be discerning to realize that the abhorrent acts of the minority do not at all reflect the teachings, values, and principles of Islam."

Reflecting on the sacrifices of self restraint made during the month of Ramadan, Mae-Weekes said the "solidarity and sacrifices made by Muslims during this time highlight the stark contrast between the spiritual values of brotherhood, peace and mutual respect advocated in the Holy Qur’an, and the violence, hatred and intolerance practised by some who claim to share the same beliefs. "

She added, "It is indeed a paradox, that right here in our blessed nation, there are one or more criminal gangs who call themselves ‘Muslims’ but whose actions cannot be reconciled to the Qur’an’s message of peace and tolerance."

She called on citizens to continue to respect T&T's diverse heritage adding that the entire national community should reflect thoroughly on the values of brotherhood and generosity demonstrated by Muslims during the Ramadan period.

Source: (Radhica De Silva)


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