Primary school girls the latest in a series of attacks on Diego Martin women and students

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 12:45

Residents of Diego Martin are now being told to be on alert after repeated incidents of attacks on schoolgirls and women by men approaching them in a car.

The latest incident involved two primary school students on Wednesday afternoon.

The girls had left the Diego Martin Government Primary School and were walking along the Diego Martin Main Road when two men approached them in a car.

According to reports reaching us, the men tried to lure the girls towards the car and when they refused, one of the men got out of the vehicle and rushed at them.

The screaming girls ran off and passers-by who saw the commotion jumped into action. However, the men managed to escape. 

This follows similar attacks over the last couple weeks.

The first known incident occurred two weeks ago when two students of the Corpus Christi College were also approached by two men in a vehicle, as they walked along Church Street, Diego Martin.

The men called out to the girls who refused to acknowledge them. 

One of the men then came out of the car and rushed at the girls.

While being jostled their screams raised an alarm, forcing the men then abandoned their plan and escaped.

On Monday this week, a woman was walking along Jasper Avenue on her way to church, when she too was attacked in a similar style, by men who pulled alongside her in a car. 

We're told there was another recent incident on Aquamarine Drive, which also involved a woman being attacked by men who drove alongside her in a car.

Police say they have no official station reports from any of the women but Senior Supt Basdeo Ramdhanie, who heads the Western Division, has promised to follow through with the information.

Residents are meanwhile being asked to be more vigilant and to report any further incidents that may occur.